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Your Outdoor Patio just got an upgrade

Back in the day, the outdoor patio was nothing special. Most builder grade homes had a tiny slab of concrete off the back door that could barely fit a few chairs and a table. Over the years outdoor patios have evolved to become much more beautiful and functional. They have received a major upgrade. Long gone is the boring patio, replaced with an “outdoor room” that adds square footage to a home and can be used year round. Isn’t it time your outdoor patio got an upgrade? Design Build Outdoor Patio Service ContractorMen in Dawsonville, GA is a turn-key, high-quality [...]

Outdoor Remodeling – Thinking Outside the House

Often when we think of remodeling, we look at the inside of our homes. Maybe the kitchen needs to be gutted or a bathroom updated. Could it be time to finally finish that basement? With spring in full bloom and summer around the bend, looking outside your home is a great remodeling opportunity. Adding square footage to your home at a fraction of the cost of interior remodeling is a great investment. Living in a warm climate means that space can be utilized almost all year round. But where do you start and what should you consider when looking at [...]

Storm Damage to your home can be devastating

One thing we can always rely on is that the weather in the south can be unpredictable. All the preventative measures in the world cannot prepare you for when a big storm may strike. Whether it’s hail, high winds, thunder, and lightning or extreme temps, your home can be negatively impacted in disastrous ways. Storm damage to your home can make it inhabitable. Burst pipes from freezing temperatures can flood a home in minutes. Trees crashing through roofs can let the outside elements and critters in. Homeowners need instant help to close up the damage to keep their family safe [...]

Favorite Remodeling Projects

Homeowners remodel for a variety of reasons. Some because they want to update a room that is in desperate need of a make-over. Others are planning to sell their home in the near future and know that a remodel will entice potential buyers. Others are looking to add amenities or more space to a room. Whatever the reason, homeowners are remodeling again! A survey done by Houzz revealed that homeowners are optimistic about the economy and are putting money into their homes to increase the resale value in a market that is improving around them. When asked what spaces they [...]

Outdoor Living: 3 Ideas to Live it Up in Cumming!

Life is better when it’s is lived outdoors! In a perfect world, most of us would choose to spend our time outside enjoying the fresh air and exploring what your community has to offer. What if one of the best places for you to relax was right outside your back door? Who wouldn’t love their own outdoor living space to enjoy with family and friends? A concrete slab and a wooden picnic table use to suffice for outdoor living, today, outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home, equipped with living room amenities and elevated design and furnishings. Homeowners [...]

5 Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Choices

An outdoor kitchen is what you call it. If you’ve been tent camping, an outdoor kitchen is a fire pit and a grate or a kettle for water maybe even a stick! You can create an outdoor kitchen in your backyard with as little as $500. Of course, if you are looking to build something permanent, you’ll have allocate a larger budget! A space is always determined by the floor. Choosing a good flooring for your outdoor kitchen will be the foundation upon which you build all the other elements of your outdoor kitchen: grill, sink, BBQ, fireplace, countertops, furniture [...]

5 Bathroom Remodel Must Haves

It doesn't matter if you have a small bathroom or a large spacious master bath you want to remodel, there are a few bathroom must haves you want to consider adding to the list of wants if you are planning a bathroom remodel. Awesome Bathroom Lighting Don’t just add a few can lights to your dark bathroom, consider adding a few show stopping sconces to spice up your vanity areas. Choosing a sconce that reflects the style of the room (and spending a little more of your budget on it) will make the lighting choices you make special. In addition [...]

Kitchen Backsplash Choices

There are many elements to any kitchen remodeling project. You have to decide which contactor to choose, when to do the project, what style you want it to reflect, and what the budget is for the project. You have to choose the cabinets, the flooring (perhaps) the appliances, the countertops, new sink and faucet, new lighting and a new backsplash. Each one of these choices is executed separately but needs to be integrated together. Your Remodeling Company can be a big help with some of these decisions. It’s a great idea to go through magazines at your local bookstore and [...]

Gardening in the Fall

If you’re like a lot of people in Georgia, you have a garden. It’s just an activity that many in our part of the country enjoy. There is peacefulness about digging your hands in the earth, and growing healthy foods that will be available for you to eat almost all year round. The idea of involving children in your garden, planting seeds together, watching them grow and bringing them to the dinner table can be teachable moments in a home. The two planting seasons, March-May and July- September are past but we are in the middle of the fall harvest season [...]